Photo of The Art of Competition


The Art of Competition

by Mark Allen (Author), Nick Borelli (Photographer)

The Art of Competition was named the winner in the Sports category of the 11th annual USA Best Book Awards as well as a finalist for Best Cover Design: Non-Fiction.

This is an iconic combination of inspirational quotes forged in the heat of competition and blended with breathtaking photos from the world of nature. Brief chapters address topics essential to master for excellence, like fear, change, and turning life into art. As a presentation of words and images, the book brings forth ideas, solutions, and ways to move forward that never present themselves through logic. It relieves the outcome of being important to bestow the highest significance to the exact moment at hand, when nothing else matters. That focus quiets the mind, initiates stillness, and opens up every facet of one's being in order to lock in and ignite the potential just waiting to be catalyzed moment by moment. When past and future disappear, and winning and losing are forgotten, competition subsides, leaving the only possibility that anything is possible.

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